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About me

What I do.

Don't fake it. Make it.

Working simulations of mocked and/or live data allow real collaboration without all the roles and credentials your secure, sophisticated software application demands. Let's save time and produce measurable, sharable results together and personalize demos to stakeholders paired with authN/authZ. Haven't you said "this is a JUST a mockup" enough? Queue the buzzwords.

Don't you ♥ Prototyping?

Imagine altering a billion records with data permutations as your design changes. Designing with code ensures this is handled. Easily add ellipses, microinterations, interactivity, entirely new views, shoehorn in a new font stack, dabble in the VR world view versus your restrictive monitor. Less cost prohibitive/time consuming/impossible than Figma/Sketch. Way more fun and wow too.

PS: Let's make this look good

Leveraging your front-end stack is leitmotiv and serves as a liason between humans and the business, encouraging all hands on deck efforts and dialog, lessening development time. I'm all about sandboxes that prove the application looks and feels bleeding edge, is and inclusive from day one by extending tried and true technology by designing and testing with it. Let's work on trust with this methodology.

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This is a work in progress.

First upload 2022-10-16

Continuous deployment hosted on Azure/ADO. Built on Mac

Domain Goals.


Reactify | Encrypted Nodemailer | Blog | Mycodo Integration | WebCam | Running API | GPS API | Calendar | Gallery | Rework Puertofolio | Beautify website | CMS with email uploading

Alpine Goals.


El Dorado | Forbidden Peak | Mt. Tahoma (Rainier) | Tattoosh Range Traverse | Bailey Range Traverse | Greywolf Range Traverse

Athletic Goals.


90 Minute half marathon | 80 Minute half marathon | Sub 5 minute mile | Seattle to Portland Bike Ride | Swim from Pt. Angeles to Victoria, BC | 70.3 Ironman Cartagena


Why me.

I'm continuing to grow, educate, and push myself sedulously. I love helping others and if I know a better way, I'll try to say a little something-something encouraging... Oh, and here's an award I'm proud of, received while working at Facebook back in the time: Spacelabforever.com wins Seattle's largest hackathon to date, hosted by Zillow, and judged by the US government, and archived on GeekWire's Special Impact Series focusing on important community issues, innovative solutions to societal challenges, and people and non-profit groups making an impact through technology.

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